1968 Ford Galaxie 500 2 door coupe

Big Block Ford Pulley Kit, 429 - 460 V-Belt

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Hold on tight! This 1968 Ford Galaxy 500 is sure to pin you back in your seat. In classic full size performance style, this Galaxy 500 pro street inspired build is powered by a 10.5 to 1 466 CID Ford performance block outfitted with D3 jeads. 1.7 crane gold roller rockers, TRW dome pistons, stealth intake with 1 inch open spacer, Quickfuel Proform 750 CFM carb, MSD electronic ignition, 2” headers dumping into a 3 inch Flowmaster Exhaust. The power is transferred via a C6 automatic transmission fortified with a 2000 rpm stall converter and applied via a 4.11 locker rear end.

1968 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback — This car has been a "shared" car, although it has been mainly my fathers car since 1971. Performance-wise, this car came with the original 390 size engine. The building quality - like any car that you hold onto and want it to work like new - has needed repairs. The actual car frame had a design flaw which didn't allow the water to drain properly, and it caused us to have to go though 2 different frames until we had one customized to fix the problem. The car has been well taken care of, having all the dents and blemishes removed in a major overhaul in 2000, and now since the car is nearing the 550,000 mile mark (yes, and the engine still purrs like a kitten!) we tend to keep it in the garage more and not take it out as much. The only interior work that it needs is a new dashboard and the back seat cover replaced. The average cost of gasoline has varied over the last few years, and because it requires unleaded plus (engine changed at the 500,000 mile mark), it is hard to tell exactly what it has cost us (due to storage). Like most older cars the car does go though a starter in 2-3 years, and that has been the primary cost of upkeep. Is this car fun to drive? Steering is tight, and it does not have any power brakes, stearing, or even windows/door locks. All the power basically "stays there, in the engine." I find the car fun to drive, and we as a family still get plenty of looks from old-car fans wanting to know if Dad is going to sell it. His response? "Only if I get desperate enough!" Enough said!

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