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    I have a 2001 mercedes cl500. sometimes esp and bas comes on the message board. The trunk button in the car doesn't work so I have to use the key to open it. Now the big question. When the car sits for like 2 hrs it says low voltage. Over night the car is fully dead. Is something draining it or does it have to do something with the bas and esp message?? Also when I open the trunck with the key, the button to close it thats connected to the truck works fine. Can you please help me?? Its really bothering me that I have to keep jumping the car.

    BRENDAN - At a time when auto prices seem to be highly inflated on "average" cars, one comes along that just seems to deserve its price tag. The new 2001 Mercedes CL500 coupe starts at $89,000 but it's well worth it if the buyer is in that discretionary income category. Advanced technologies and brute power make the CL500 a joy to drive and one of the best riding autos I've ever tested. Under its hood there is a jewel of a 5.0-liter V8 engine that screams like a banshee at speed, but also purrs like a kitten in its cruise mode. Its five-speed automatic with Touch Shift manual mode makes it a blast to drive and it gives thedriver the option to run through the gears or let it shift for itself.