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Amy Sisoyev of Eagle Rock started filling her 2001 Volvo S40 turbo with regular gas last month after rising prices pushed her over the $40 a week she has allotted for gasoline. Volvo recommends operating the car on premium fuel.

I have a 2001 volvo s40 turbo 1.9 L engine. the car loses power while driving. The car idles fine. I have check engine that comes on and after scanning for codes I get got code PO237 and PO236. The codes are related to the turbo charge sensor A "Current Low". Additionally there are 3 vacum lines connected to turbo (Green, Blue, Yellow) and I would like to know where these vacum lines should be connected to. Turbo Charge has been replaced and the sensor A has been replaced but the lack of power still exist. I would very much appreciate any help.

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