2003-2005 Nissan 350Z Billet Grill Insert

APS N65415A Polished Aluminum Billet Grille Bolt Over for select Nissan 350Z Models


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Nissan 350Z Front Grills (whether they be replacements of overlays) are the most common exterior appearance upgrade that 350Z owners will do. That’s because compared to other exterior appearance upgrades like body kits and spoilers, replacing a 350Z’s grille is usually quick, painless, and doesn’t require painting. Also, the simple upgrade usually leaves the vehicle with a completely different look.

While most Aftermarket Nissan 350Z Replacement Grills can increase performance a bit by allowing even more airflow, they are not generally considered a high performance upgrade. Basically it’s just a looks thing. Change the look of the grill and your entire front end is transformed into a different vehicle, setting it apart from the thousands of other 350Zs out on the road.

350Z Front Grills: What do they do

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Replacement 350Z Grills are the most common type of grill and require you to completely remove the Nissan grille from your 350Z. These types of grills can be the hardest type to install since they require undoing several tabs and/or screws, and then fitting the new grill in. They usually have the advantage of being more securely attached and having more of a stock flush look to them.

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