86 Chevy celebrity heater core Fail - YouTube

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My aunt bought one of those best- selling 1986 Chevy Celebrities. It was dark blue with the four banger. Later she bought a 1989 Buick Century and then traded in the Celebrity on a second Buick Century in ’94 or ’95. I took my driver’s test in the ’89 Century. Good times, good times…

1986 Chevy Celebrity Classic 2.8 V6 in 2005


You don’t see too many 70s and 80s Japanese in the rust belt either. The salt equally ate through the cheap steel of the Celebrity and Camry.

Plus there was a disposable attitude toward Chevy/Pontiac products of the period, by the time my friends and I were learning to drive (97-98 period) we all had Celebrities, 6000s, Cavaliers etc and we destroyed them. Which are you more likely to put money into and 86 Chevy Celebrity or an 86 Honda Accord?

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Short Drive in the 1986 Chevy Celebrity

Michael Edward Ploen, 60, was southbound on Lincoln Street, Southwest, at 6:03 a.m. He was approaching the intersection with 12th Street Southwest, in a 1986 Chevy Celebrity.

I did this for a time but it didn’t last long and so I then began to believe that the relationship between success and speed is variable – in other words, there are “seasons” where you drive the Ferrari and other days when you drive an ’86 Chevy Celebrity. This was an understandable model and I was able to justify the times of speed and slowness as such.