1989 Chrysler New Yorker Calgary, AB T2T 0H8

Rain-X 5079275-2 Latitude Wiper Blade, 18" (Pack of 1)


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i have an 89 chrysler new yorker,a few weeks ago while driving all the dash lights went out,i made it a couple of blocks and the car died. i replaced the battery,then the altenator,when i disconnect the altenator car dies,while car is running the battery doesn't show that it is charging. my neigbor said we need a smecc,something on the inside of the drivers fender,could this be the problem,

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    At the age of 71 years old, my grandfather Ken (the namesake of the Angry Grandpa Chrysler, by the way) was driving a 1989 Chrysler New Yorker that had the Mark Cross leather, the trick overhead console that told you things, the digital dashboard, and power everything. Ken liked his cars comfortable, smooth, and above all else, Mopar. He didn’t like the little four-cylinder Mustang my mother owned. He hated the 1972 Newport that my cousin raced around in everywhere. He especially loathed all of the jacked-up muscle cars that roamed around the city, big mag wheels sticking out from shacked-up rear axles and all. Too loud. Too noisy. Too fast for his tastes.

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