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Fuel Economy of the 1996 Ford Aspire

Vehicle: 1996 Ford Aspire The Ford Aspire has higher build quality and performance than competing models in this catagory. While the design of the car's interior and exterior is not awe inspiring or complex, it's design is a direct result of functionality. The exterior shape gives ample head room for the average person. The simply sculpted interior is made of durable plastics. This vehicle also has enough pick-up to not leave you behind in city traffic or even the Appalachian Mountian highways. If ou are looking for a inexpensive, reliable, fun to drive car, this may be for you.

Vehicle: 1996 Ford Aspire One review of the Aspire summed it up as BULLETPROOF. I concur with that. My car has 116,000 miles on it and I have done NOTHING to it, other then change oil & filter, and air filter. NOTHING else has been touched. While the 63 ponies under the hood my not break your neck accelerating, it does however manage to get you around decently.

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Where is the fuel pump located in 96 ford aspire

Vehicle: 1996 Ford Aspire I don't think it is the greatest car, but I do prefer it over some others. The size is what gets me...it is a little to small sometimes, other huge cars like Dodge Ram pickups tower over me, but then it is normal size against other cars. Not as fast as I hoped, but since I have bought it I have never had to do any special work on it other than the usual oil change, and filter change.

Vehicle: 1996 Ford Aspire Incredeable interior space. When you take out the back seats (remove 4 bolts) you can use it as a mini-mini van. Gas mileage is a little disappointing. Fun to drive. Very comfortable seats. Lots of leg room (I am 6ft-2". I can stretch my legs. Hardly any trouble after 155,000 miles!!