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We had an air conditioned car before we had air conditioning in the house. The car was unusual because it was a first year offering for factory air conditioning and because it was a Studebaker….

I was similar in that respect; I got the Datsun 710 as a hand me down, without AC (but I was living up north at that time)…which I sold to buy a ’78 VW Scirocco which didn’t have AC either…in the meantime, I also relocated down to Texas, and sweltered for 4 years without AC driving my Scirocco until I replaced it with a VW GTI, my first airconditioned car…and I’ve had AC since then (and plan to keep it that way, unless the AC goes out before the car itself dies, and is too expensive to fix…at which time I will have to figure out how much my sanity is worth, since I’d probably not last very long with non-functioning AC and have to do something to get a vehicle with AC) .

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    Mr. Bill

    We had an air conditioned car before we had air conditioning in the house. The car was unusual because it was a first year offering for factory air conditioning and because it was a Studebaker….

    A 1955 Studebaker President “Ultra Vista.” Named so because of the wraparound windshield that became available in January of 1955.

    Studebaker finally offered factory installed a/c (or one could get the unit retrofitted at the dealer) in 1955 at a cost of $500.00 + dollars. Only about 200 or so were equipped that year with the trunk unit (and clear plastic ductwork behind the seat) which was purchased from NOVI. NOVI sold the same unit with one small detail change to aftermarket installers to be fitted in just about any car on the road. The small detail change was a “Studebaker Car Air Conditioning System” tag placed on the box of the trunk mounted unit instead of the regular “NOVI Air Conditioner Tag”. I guess this was to make the buyer think this was a Studebaker produced unit. However, closer examination of the Studebaker tag showed In small print “Novi Model 54-F.”

    I understand Studebaker had to make a volume commitment to NOVI in order to get these systems. Studebaker sent a notice out to dealers before this option was officially announced asking them to project how many cars they felt they could sell with air conditioning and to make a commitment to order that number of cars. Imagine their horror when the dealers did not stick to their commitment. In fact, the number of cars actually ordered fell FAR below the projected sales volume.

    From what I have seen, Studebaker must have had some units left in stock in 1958 as I have seen both ’58 Studebakers and Packards equipped with these units. At this time they had switched to a lower priced, unattractive box unit mounted under the dash that was cheaper.

    Dad’s President was fully loaded otherwise as it was a Charlotte NC dealer’s demonstrator and used by his wife. The a/c was still blowing cold when this car and a ’49 Studebaker Champion were traded for a new ’71 Chrysler Newport Royal.

    Few people wanted a Studebaker in 1955 and even fewer were willing to pay for a/c in one. However, it did happen.

    Mr. Bill
    Hamlet, NC

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    A company in in the United States first offered installation of air conditioning for cars in 1933. Most of their customers operated limousines and luxury cars.

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