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An Alignment System consists of two major pieces of equipment: The alignment machine and the alignment lift. Greg Smith Equipment stocks and sells both the wireless computer alignment machine and the Alignment Rack. There are several models of Atlas®alignment machines to choose from. Atlas® car alignment machines are fast and easy to set up and offer the same (or better) accuracy than our competitor's equipment which costs thousands of dollars more. Atlas® Alignment Equipment allow you to position the computer console anywhere in your bay so that you can utilize shorter bay spaces to perform alignment operations.

Greg Smith Equipment stocks Atlas® alignment machines and Atlas® alignment lifts. When you purchase an alignment system combination which includes a Wheel Alignment Machine and an Alignment Lift, you can save thousands of dollars off of our normal discounted pricing.

State of the Art Alignment Machine

Description HUNTERÆ R611 The newest of the Hunter 4 wheel alignment machines. Includes 4 DSP300 sensors, wireless remote control, COLOR printer, DVD/CD rom, full color pictures and undercar drawings, remote indicator, 20" wheel clamp extensions. this machine is only 3 months old and is in absolutely like new condition.

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The and sold by Greg Smith Equipment are the perfect choice for those customers who demand speed of setup and repeated accuracy in their 4 Wheel Alignment Machine system but are tired of paying ridiculously high prices from the RED BRAND company. Atlas® alignment equipment offers a much better value than all other tire alignment machine companies. Atlas® offers several models of car alignment machines and two models of heavy truck alignment machines.

Atlas® alignment lifts are available in both the style and the style. Greg Smith Equipment stocks Atlas® wheel alignmer equipment and many of our nine locations have both the alignment machines and lifts on display. 4 Post Alignment Lifts are available in two models. We stock an open front Alignment Rack and we stock a closed front alignment lift. Some customers prefer the scissor lift because this style of rack takes up far less bay space width than a four post rack. We also offer the air / hydraulic center rolling jacks that roll through the center of the four post or scissor alignment lift to raise the vehicle off the runways when replacing parts or checking suspensions.