ATE Original brake pads - front view

ATE EU603 Original Disc Brake Pad Set

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ATE PremiumOne Brake Pads - Semi Metallic - JCWhitney

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now offers a new line of ATE Ceramic Brake Pads for a wide variety of European vehicles. These brake pads are based on a new, high technology friction formulation that reduces noise and produces almost no wear debris, according to the maker. The low-dust operation of these brake pads ensures that valuable rims retain an attractive appearance for a longer period. All pads include shims, chamfers and wear sensors based on the OE vehicle specification, as well as the applicable OE hardware. The pads meet strict European ECE R90 standards that ensure quality equal to or better than the OE parts they replace, the company said.

The new Enve SES 4.5 features an updated brake track, with a filed surface and this offered improved stopping in wet and dry over the previous smooth Enve braking surface. It is a similar design solution to the grooved surface on Zipp’s ‘Showstopper’ brake track. However, I found the new textured brake track ate brake pads at much faster rate. In addition, I did consistently experience loud screeching and brake fade when descending mountains. I should point out that I tested the Enve SES 4.5s in the French Alps and Cote d’Azur, descending climbs such as the Col de La Bonette and Col de Lombardie.

ATE Ceramic Brake Pads ATE Ceramics

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ATE Brakes -Original ATE brake pads

Chevy Camaro 2010, Premium One Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set by ATE®. With Shims. ATE brake pads work cleanly, quietly and with low wear. The secret of these brake pads lies in a brake pad compound which uses innovative fibre technology. During braking, it creates a "transfer film" consisting of extremely hard, wear-resistant carbides on the brake disc. The braking therefore no longer takes place directly on the brake disc, but, so to speak, on this transfer film. This significantly reduces the wear to the brake pad.

As tests have proven, ATE Ceramic brake pads last significantly longer and reduce wear and tear on the brake discs. This reduces costs and heightens customer satisfaction.