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Universal 5" 120mm Aluminum Black Carbon Fiber Printed Screw-on Short Car Radio Antenna

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MFJ-993b automatic HF antenna tuner review and demo

Car radio antennas are readily available from dealers or from online sources like eBay. These days they are mass produced, with generic versions of manufacturer or model specific antennas easy to find. They tend to be more durable than earlier designs, and sound quality and reception has improved a great deal. The most common designs include manually or automatically retractable antennas, or fixed antennas.

Automotive antennas may not affect the performance of an automobile but it does have an effect to the driver's. It indirectly provides entertainment inside the vehicle and throughout the long drive. This gives the driver extra dose of alertness and information, which keeps the drive safe. Using antennas for show should come last but necessary, which are of many at Stylin' Truck.

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Considering the amount of money and effort involved in taking a car to a dealer or shop to have the antenna replaced, taking a little time out of a day and doing it yourself is far easier. This is usually not a complicated process, although automatically retracting antennas are more difficult to replace than fixed or manually retracting antennas.

Delphi XM SKYFi 2 SiriusXM attendant Radio with home kit, remote and all accessories you see in the photos. The auto antenna is included and worked the in time this unit was in the car but has been frayed and taped. Home antenna works grat and can be old inside a car. No Returns Normal 0 false false untrue EN-US X-NONE X-NONE. Cassette adapter, Home Kit, A/C power adapter, lighter adapter, indoor antenna, knot of mounting pieces.