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Scotchgard Auto Fabric and Carpet Protector, 10-ounce


2 Industry Chain Analysis of Auto Carpet

Whether you are putting the final touches on your classic car, or just replacing the carpet in your daily drive, choose high-quality carpets from Auto Custom Carpets. For consumers who enjoy restoring their old cars and rebuilding them, replacing the carpet is one of the first things to do in order to create a new appearance for a car from yesterday. These carpets are crafted from excellent durable materials and designed to last for many years of extensive use.

Auto Custom Carpets is providing its customers with only the finest custom carpets out there offering a huge variety of colors and flooring materials to choose from. The company focuses on making high quality interior products for various vehicles starting from the 1940's models and all the way up to today's most popular vehicles. Its product line includes replacement auto carpets, floor mats, trunk mats, and many more. The wide range of styles and exceptional craftsmanship of ACC flooring will satisfy the needs of the most demanding classic car aficionados.

2.1 Supply Chain Relationship Analysis of Auto Carpet

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  • 2.2 Upstream Major Raw Materials and Price Analysis of Auto Carpet

    General Notes Some late model Automobiles are equipped with a catalytic converter shield on the floor. Do not remove the shield; install the auto carpet over it. Your new Stock Interiors molded carpet...

    Auto Custom Carpets makes trunk mats from original patterns and in original colors to perfectly fit your vehicle. And depending on what you use your trunk for, you'll appreciate the fact that you can order a trunk mat from ACC in fleece, felt, foam, bertex (a brown fiber similar to burlap) or vinyl. And the fit, ahhh, just look at the pic next to this info.

    - CNC Die cut or molded
    - Over 40 different patterns
    - Choice from 6 materials (vinyl, burtex, foam, fleece, felt, cardboard)