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Learn how auto cooling system parts–the water pump, thermostat, radiator, cooling fan and hoses–work together with coolant to prevent overheating. These high temperatures are controlled with the help of the cooling system. The radiator in your car is where the actual cooling of the engine occurs via heat transfer. Just like all other facets of a high-performance car, your cooling system's components must be matched to everything else. The amount of power your engine makes

Automotive cooling system aluminum daihatsu radiator of L200 / L300 / L500 / EF 1990 MT Item Specifications More Information Question & Answer 20GP container about 450pcs
40HQ container about 1050pcs
Warranty:12 months Structure Chart Packing Packaging design according to customer requirements. NOTICE 1. Compare your radiator to the picture below2. F

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Automotive Cooling System Maintenance and Repair

and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat.

Looking at the diagram, you see that oil, gasoline, combustion gasses and If you've proven to a reasonable degree that the car's cooling system, as manufactured, is Cooling System. Servicing Your Car’s Cooling System – A detailed overview of automotive cooling systems, includes technical diagram. Engine Cooling System – Explains This diagram shows the various paths the cooling system has Note that the turbochargers have their own separate cooling path from the engine with "A" being the

- The water pump circulates coolant through the auto cooling system. When the engine is running, the water pump is either gear operated, or powered by one of the following; the timing belt, the fan belt or the serpentine belt.