Magnetic lock/automatic door lock/latch/electronic lock...

Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock and Elan Levers, Brushed Chrome


How to Disable Automatic Door Locks - Ford

How to set up your VW auto door lock & unlock function via a highline dash and multi function steering wheel. Highline dash displays have a 'settings' menu.

If you don't have a multi function wheel it may be possible to use the toggle on the end of the wiper stalk.

If you don't have a highline dash your Volkswagen dealer can program the vehicle via their computers.

Here we are going to make a Automatic Door Lock/Unlock for your home/office. We will use a Servo, connected to a Lock by a wire. It will be controlled with a Arduino.

Program Honda Auto Door Lock at 10 mph

  • Automatic Door Lock1. Rated voltage: 12V DC2. Working current: 150mA3. Static current: 15mA4. Electric control lock opening voltage range: 6 to 18V DC5. With LED and Push Button6. Lock opening delay t...

  • Enabling Auto Door Locking in a Nissan Juke

    Vivint Kwikset automatic door locks are where home automation meet home security in the perfect universe. We can now provide you with complete control and security over one of the most fundamental aspects of your home, your doors. These keyless‐entry electronic locks can communicate wirelessly with your Go!Control panel, allowing you to check whether or not your doors are secured and automatically arm and disarm your security system. They also feature true remote locking and unlocking features, courtesy of a motorized deadbolt. This means you can now monitor and manage your locks using either a smart phone, an Internet browser and your Go!Control panel.

    Our automatic door locks are unique in that they also include two‐way functionality—that is, your door lock can directly and wirelessly control your Go!Control panel, and vice versa. So essentially, your door lock can act as a secondary keypad that has access to your Go!Control panel. You can use up to 30 customizable codes to arm your Go!Control when the door is locked and disarm it when the door is unlocked.