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But this scenario can be avoided with regular maintenance of your BMW oxygen sensor. So if you find any issues with your BMW oxygen sensor, replace it at the earliest to avoid these conditions. Most importantly always prefer to go with genuine parts as a replacer for the defective parts.

By replacing the BMW oxygen sensors at the said intervals, BMW owners will be assured that the emission levels and the fuel consumption of their vehicles will be held at the minimum. The power generation of the vehicle’s engine is also guaranteed to become more efficient.

BMW Oxygen Sensor Front - Bosch 13477 | FCP Euro

BMW Bosch Oxygen Sensor 13884 (Pre/Post-Cat) E36 (Obd II 328,323) & E46

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Oxygen sensors are used to calculate and run the engine efficiently. It is also responsible in reducing the emission coming out of the vehicle. The oxygen sensor is usually located in the exhaust manifold. The one end of the BMW oxygen sensor flows, while the other end connects to the wires which send the information to the computer. The computer on the other end uses the sensor to detect whether the engine has adequate amount of fuel. If it finds too much or too little, the sensor will send information to the computer to readjust the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine.

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