Qbace 35pc Brake Piston Calliper Pad Car Wind-back Kit


Clarks Single V-Brake Callipers - Halfords

For your brake callipers, put your trust in ATE’s innovative materials, leading technology and extensive testing. That’s why we’re top in Europe for fixed and floating callipers made of aluminium in nodular cast iron.

ATE brake callipers are supplied ready for installation – and rear-axle callipers with handbrake are usually pre-filled and preset – so they can be directly bled on the vehicle.

Hilary Stone Campag Brake Callipers

  • The original ATE brake calliper is supplied ready to install
  • The programme offers a high level of coverage for the European fleet

Brake Calipers - Advance Auto Parts

Our brake callipers have to take a lot of punishment – even before they’re included in our programme. We only approve them if they pass the toughest endurance tests and simulations – only then is their quality good enough for us. So good, in fact, that we can later manufacture equivalent recycling products from them.

Re-manufactured callipers protect the environment, since only the safety-related parts are replaced. There is absolutely no doubt that the recycled products meet exactly the same high quality and safety requirements as new brake callipers.