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There are many companies who provide brake dust covers for wheels to try and get the dust to stay away from the wheels but one company from the UK won the Autotrade Innovation Award a few years ago for its reduction of brake dust with its kevlar aramid low abrasion disc pad range. That company was EBC Brakes and this fine British manufacturer now produce one grade, the EBC Redstuff which is surely the lowest dust pad on the market today.

Some drivers have used brake dust shields or brake dust covers to prevent dust deposits on wheels. BMW brake dust has been the source of many questions to us in recent years and we reularly get questions about brake dust cleaner for cleaning brake dust from wheels. In 2001 EBC Brakes won the AUTOTRADE INNOVATION AWARD for it’s low dust brake formulations.

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Dark brake dust buildup turns shiny rims shabby -- some say it also wreaks havoc on their finish. Brake dust covers purportedly impede this grime from making it to the wheel, decreasing damage and saving your spinners. If true, dust covers would also cut down on the manual cleaning -- a dirty, and sometimes dangerous duty that can mean managing toxic materials, including asbestos.

Whether you're looking to purchase a high-end car or just dig chrome dubs and alloy mags, chances are you've heard the buzz about brake dust covers -- plates, typically aluminum, sandwiched between the brake disc and rims -- and the protection they supposedly provide your wheels' fancy finish; but do they actually work?