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Brembo has increased its parts availability into the automotive aftermarket by adding more than 350 new premium brake pad part numbers covering 107 million vehicles in North America.

My father built a national automotive aftermarket brake parts company starting with just ten part numbers. That was almost 25 years ago. Do you remember when one brake rotor number would cover a wide range of production years and most models within a brand? Nowadays, his business carries over 1,000 part numbers and every year new numbers are being added. It seems like every vehicle has its own set of parts and the difference between them is within thousands of an inch! I honestly don’t envy the parts suppliers who have to deal with juggling such a wide variety of inventory.

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    During the rainy days and other wet conditions, drilled and slotted discs could be useful. Holes or slots prevent water from building up in the middle of the disc and the pads. However, holes drilled on the discs might create bigger cracks. Cross-drilled discs have to be manufactured by prominent factories which are better equipped in doing drills. Poorly done drills could cause discs to break sooner and their manner of breaking could be more dangerous.www brake-part com • where are Callahan Brake Parts made • Where Are Callahan Brakes Made •

    Established by Lew and Jack Dorman in 1918, Dorman® is a top supplier of formerly "Dealer only" automotive replacement parts. In 1937, the company created 'The Wing' as its logo, which symbolized innovation and freedom. With almost 100 years of industry experience and unmatched commitment to perfection, the company provides customers with exclusive replacement parts, automotive hardware, brake parts, and fasteners. Dorman designs, packages, and markets over 128,000 different products manufactured to its specifications. Dorman is committed to bringing new products, new solutions, and new opportunities to the automotive market.