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There are several brake types based on the cantilever brake design: and - both second class lever designs - and and - both first class lever designs.

Looking forward to the article on brake types. I have a touring bike and V-brakes are often mentioned as the best for touring due to their simplicity. Many adventure tourers tend to avoid disk brakes as if the disk is damaged it can leave you stuck. That said some have toured the globe without a problem with disk brakes.

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- Progressive - Pallet Truck brakes operates like a bicycle brake i.e. the more you pull the brake lever, the harder the brake is applied. This type of system is also fitted with a parking brake. Available on standard, quicklift, reel handling and low profile trucks.
- Foot-brake - Pallet Truck brake is operated using the foot to apply and release brake.
- On/Off - Pallet truck brake is applied using the lever on the handle
- Quick-Lift - lifts up to 200mm with only 6 strokes (normally 13 to 14). All BF pallet trucks up to 3000kg in capacity can be fitted with a 'Quicklift' pump.
- If you order a brake type and/or Quick Lift when you order your pallet truck then it will be supplied to you ready with the options fitted!

The roller cam design was first developed by of around 1982 and licensed to . Roller cam brakes were used on early in the 1980s and into the 1990s, mounted to the and in the standard locations, and below the for improved stiffness as they do not protrude to interfere with the . It is not unusual for a bicycle to have a single roller cam brake (or ) combined with another type. They are still used on some and . Note that the common first-class lever roller cam brake is generally not convertible to second-class lever cantilever brake types as the pivots are in different locations.