Intro: Fixing a broken car door handle

T1A-69210-08010-C0 Toyota Sienna 98-03 Passenger Side Replacement Front Exterior Door Handle with Keyhole smooth black by TruBuilt 1 Automotive

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Fix Broken Car Door Handle - 97 Buick Park Avenue

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows how you can easily replace a broken car door handle on your car. A screwdriver and a small socket set is all that's needed.

A broken car door handle, exterior or interior, can be very inconvenient. You may get through a day or two by getting in and out of your automobile through the other doors, climbing/sliding to or from the place you need to sit. But, this cannot go on for long.

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To fix a broken car door handle, a replacement is necessary, so find a replacement handle, and remove the inner door panel, waterproofing paper and connections. This allows the old handle to come out before installing the new handle.

A broken car door handle can present an array of inconveniences. Depending on the specific features of your car door, you just may be able to get inside, remove the handle and work on it.