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EPAuto GP171 (CA10171) Rigid Panel Engine Air Filter for Camry (2007-2015), Venza L4 (2009-2015)

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Mice seem to like to build a nest on my 02 Camry air filter. Yesterday, after smelling a foul smell for awhile a loud noise started up under the dash. It got louder the faster the blower motor went. When I got home I pulled out the filter, and there was the usual maple tree seeds mixed with the material of the filter making a cozy nest.

But this time I found a hole in the filter. After vacuuming the area, I reached in to feel the blower fan. Sure enough there was a mouse in the fan blades!

I wish Toyota would make a rodent proof cabin filter.

In the meantime I guess I will leave the filter out for the winter.

Anyone see any problems with this?

Happy new year to all!

Your car's engine burns a mixture of fuel and air; the O2 is provided from outside the car or truck and can be contaminated by grit and dust particles. Reliable Toyota Camry Air Filters does its job by deploying a filter made from paper or fiber to block the harmful dirt and dust before they get the cylinders. Examine the Air Filter every time you replace your oil; when it's blocked up, put in a new filter immediately. Your car won't drive at the highest level carrying a broken Air Filter, so install a new one promptly. Installing a NPN Air Filter for your Toyota Camry will keep your car is running at 100% efficiency. Toyota Camrys bought in '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10 and '11 can utilize this item.

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