Car cannot start - I have an Camry LE 2006

Car Can't Start

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How to Fix a Car That Doesn't Start: 10 Steps

I have an Camry LE 2006. When I turn on the ignition, nothing happened, no light, no any noise, no indicator. The remote entry key is also dead. I try to turn on the light on the car's ceiling manually. It also can not be turned on.

The battery is new. The car's ODO is about 200,000 miles. After waiting for about half hour, the car can be started normally. This has happened twice in the past two days. What is wrong with my car ? Thank you .....

If you know nothing about vehicles, you will understand that mechanical problems such as a vehicle not being to start pertain to both old and new cars. Whether a car can start or otherwise, depends on one important factor which is the condition of its battery.

Troubleshooting a Car That Won't Start - dummies

  • Did you ever consider those wonderful days when your car won’t start

    The above are but some of the few things a driver can check if and when a car engine cannot start. Whatever it is, always keep your mechanic’s phone number with you whenever you go out. You can never know when you might gave to contact him!