How To DEEP Clean your Cars Carpets The RIGHT Way

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Refresh worn carpets with ColorBond’s auto carpet paint. An excellent alternative to automotive carpet dye, ColorBond’s answer to refreshing your auto carpets is an easy and cost effective option to bring your interior back to life. Restore the original color or inject some vibrant hue to create a look nobody will miss with car carpet paint from ColorBond.

this is mainly used for nonwoven carpets to spread scattering,baking and laminating,in order to make the car carpet fabric.

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A local car wash place ruined my car carpeting by failing to properly dry the car after they shampooed the carpet. Now I have this persistent mold and mildew problem. Can’t tell the difference because I cannot see the problem, but I can definitely smell it. Thanks for the tips. I will try to clean the odor with the comments suggested.

After cleaning the removable pieces in the same manner you have to clean the side portions of your seat.

Shampooing your car carpet is a very easy if you choose a perfect product and patiently follow the directions given in this guide.