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Carpet Floor Mats: If you’re looking for maximum protection, but with a softer feel, then carpet floor liners are what you’re looking for. Available in custom fit and universal, there are over 20 models from which to choose. Carpet floor mats are perfect for keeping your floors clean without having to sacrifice comfort.

Nifty Elite Carpeted Floor Liners
- Made from luxurious 22 oz. nylon ultra soft carpet
- Stain resistant
- Custom molded and fit to your vehicle
- Molded perimeter lip contains spills
- Easy cleanup with mild soap and water

Maxliner offers floor mats & cargo liners for luxury cars

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Custom Fit Car Floor Mats - Sears

Even if you keep your interior spotless, unprotected carpets are still susceptible to wear. Chances are you've seen worn-down heel marks on the driver's side carpet in many vehicles. By simply resting shoes and heels against your carpet, you're exposing it to harmful friction. Friction grates away at your carpet, leaving it drab, faded, and torn. This wear lowers your vehicle's resale value and can be very costly to repair. Car floor liners from brands like Lloyd Mats and Husky Liner act as a buffer between you carpet and your feet, and will help slow down the wear process. Many even feature extra heel pads near the pedals to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Catch-All Extreme Floor Liners
This car floor mat line from Nifty is made of a thermoplastic material called Xynet. Xynet is Nifty's name for the thermoplastic sheet material for automotive floor protection that they use to make their car floor liners. It's so tough Nifty puts a limited lifetime warranty on it.
- Custom molded and fit to your vehicle
- Greater floor area coverage than
conventional mats
- Slip resistant
- Patented Nifty Snap Fastener
secures mat to floor
- High molded outer lip prevents
dirt & water escape
- Available for 2nd & 3rd rows
- Front 1 piece mat covering both sides available
- Center hump mats available
- Cargo mats available
- Hose off to clean
- Black, Grey or Tan
- Limited Lifetime Warranty