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We used Earl’s hose ends and Earl’s hose in our project car fuel system. While this combination of Earl’s products make a pretty fool-proof combination, there are a few general rules to follow to make sure that you end up with a clean looking, sanitary fuel system and trouble-free installation.

While there are still dedicated regulators for carbureted or fuel injected systems only, many companies are offering regulators capable of controlling either type of system. The fuel pressure regulator should be viewed as another part of the system that must be matched, just as the pump and filter.

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    Maintenance on the fuel system is pretty simple. The main component is to keep clean fresh fuel in your vehicle. Contamination and debris are the number one cause of fuel system failures. If your vehicle is equipped with an inline fuel filter it is recommended that the filter is replaced on a yearly basis or approximately every 15,000 miles. Having the fuel system cleaned approximately every 20,000 miles with a professional decarboning and fuel system cleaning service to keep the buildup of fuel byproducts to a minimum.