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What's Leaking From My Car? Identifying Car Leaks

Long story short.. Took my 03 jetta to the VW dealership to have them fix an oil leak and fix a transmission that won't get out of 1st gear when it is cold, you have to warm it up for 15-20 before it will shift out of 1st gear. Well.. My mechanic said that they have issues with the N89 N92 solenoids in those transmission, but of course VW says new transmission without even taking a look at the transmission. It's just plug up the computer, print the faults, and you need this. They said it was a vacuum leak for the transmission and I needed to replace the valve cover and valve cover gasket for the oil leak. They didn't even check the transmission fluid until after they tried to fix the vacuum leak.. Well.. The transmission wasn't fixed, but they said the valve cover and valve cover gasket was a success... After hours of arm wrestling with the service mgr I got out of there only having to eat $860. Now less than 24 hours later my car is leaking coolant and overheating... I've replaced the water pump less than 6 months ago and have never had an issue with it since.. Could this be caused by the valve cover, valve cover gasket job? And I read so many horror stories gone right in the VW community when people have changed the faulty solenoids mentioned.. Is it worth it to try to replace the solenoids? I know transmissions can be an endless money pit, but I read nothing but success stories from other VW owners who have had the same exact issue I'm having with my transmission... I really don't want to take it back to that hack-job dealership. Seems like they spent more time checking for add-on jobs then even looking at my original concerns. I'm banging my head against the wall with this, if you could give me some helpful advice I would appreciate it... and yes this is the short version.. lol Thank you for your time Eddie

Back then the cars seemed to leak a lot more. We do not do the cardboard box trick because our cars rarely leak. If they do, it is just condensation from running the air conditioning in Florida all the time.

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What if a car is leaking water but the car doesn't overheat. And how can I figure out why the car is leaking water? Could be the hose, water pump or radiator. If so could something be wrong and do I need to get something fixed?

I have a 98 lexus when it rains my car leaks on passenger side front and maybe back it just a lot of water. It just started leaking! Looked at sunroof no rust that I can see!! HELP is needed