Car Oil Pump for Hyundai 21350-2B000

Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor 6-Liter OIL01


Oil pump (internal combustion engine) - Wikipedia

If your car oil pump isn't working correctly, you're likely to suffer a severe failure. An indication that yours is faulty is if the low oil pressure light is on or if your engine is making loud noises.

Oil pump function is to disperses oil into an engines internal parts, providing them with lubrication to ensure operating efficiency. If your car engine oil pump is faulty can limit your engines function and cause major internal damage, without oil, the internal parts of your engine would grind together and fail.

Oil Pump from Car Parts Warehouse

  • Type:oil Pump,brand New Type
  • Size:same As Original
  • Car Make:for Hyundai
  • Oe No.:21350-2b000
  • Place Of Origin:guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:kingsteel
  • Model Number:21350-2b000
  • Warranty:1000 Months
  • Part Name:car Oil Pump
  • Oem No:21350-2b000
  • Car Model:for Hyundai
  • Brand:kingsteel
  • Aftermarket:oem Replacement
  • Quality:
  • Price:factory Price

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