Car in Pieces – Staying Safe on the Road

PicassoTiles® 2 Piece Car Truck Set w/ Extra Long Bed & Re-Enforced Latch, Magnet Building Tile Magnetic Blocks -Creativity Beyond Imagination! Educational, Inspirational, Conventional,& Recreational!



Cut out the race car playing pieces. There are eight race cars with different colors and numbers to choose from. For the One-sheet game board, four of the race cars are on the sticker sheet.

By design, IndyCar pieces are designed to break apart to dissipate energy. But the bodywork kits new for the recently completed season came apart at a higher rate than in the past, and a spectator was struck at the season-opening race in St. Petersburg, Fla.

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Car crashes into pieces, driver walks away - CNN Video

An interactive board game continues the excitement when the story is over. Two to four players race their car character pieces around a race track. Whoever collects four new tires and reaches the finish line first wins the championship!