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Car Repair Advice: Diagnose Problems, Fix Your Own Car

This site is about the troubleshooting process as it applies to repairing your car. You will learn how the various of your car work, and what kinds of things can and often do go wrong. If you need a little specific car repair help, or just want to comment on the site in general, our e-mail address is:

We answer e-mail we receive that includes a legitimate car repair question and a valid e-mail address. We can't always answer the same day, sometimes it is a week or more, but sooner or later, everybody gets an answer. You mightnot like the answer you get, but you will get one. There are a lot of car repair help websites on the net, I've visited quite a few of them. They all offer answers to auto repair questions - for a price. I've asked questions at every one that I find working (many have shut down their question page) but I have yet to receive my first non-automated reply. One guy's two week vacation has lasted three years sofar. We don't work that way. Send us an e-mail and see. If the answer helps you solve your car repairproblem, or saves you a ton of money, or makes you feel really good, you are certainly welcome to visitour pageto leave a gratuity.

Automotive Repair Questions Answered by Mechanics

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Your Online Auto Repair Resource

Here you will find car repair help you can count on. My name is Mark. I'm a certified master auto technician. Thanks to the Internet, driveway mechanics can now get the help they need fast.

Remember that there is no risk to you on visiting the car repair help area. You can post questions and browse through the answers and payment is only requested if you are truly satisfied with the answers.