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With four-wheel independent suspension, the toe must also be set at the rear of the car. Toe settings at the rear have essentially the same effect on wear, directional stability and turn-in as they do on the front. However, it is rare to set up a rear-drive race car toed out in the rear, since doing so causes excessive oversteer, particularly when power is applied. Front-wheel-drive race cars, on the other hand, are often set up with a bit of toe-out, as this induces a bit of oversteer to counteract the greater tendency of front-wheel-drive cars to understeer.

4. Toe adjustments: Jack up the car and make changes to the toe-control links (at the rear axle) or to the tie rods (for the front axle [Fig.4]). If your car has toe-control links, adjustments are similar to those for eccentric camber adjustment. Adjusting toe at the front axle requires loosening the tie-rod locknut and then spinning the tie rod to change its length. Remember that if your toe spec calls for an inch of toe-in, you only want to add a half-inch per side. Tighten any fasteners and lower the car. Roll the car back and forth and measure toe. If it is within spec, torque the eccentric nut or tie-rod locknut (with the car on the ground) and then redo this step on the other side of the car. If not, start this step over.

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