Car will not crank - The car suddenly would not crank or turn over

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What to Do When Car Won't Start or Turn Over

9/15/16 get car towed towed to dealership. Get a car today to tell my car is ready. They supposedly replaced the fuel pump cost me 776.00 bucks. Get there to get the car guess what the car will not crank again!!! PLEASE HELP!!

I have 2012 Chevy Malibu it will turn over but will not crank! This is the 4th time the car has left me stranded. I took the car to auto zone and got the battery, starter and alternaor check all came back good. The guy at auto zone recommend to get get new spark plug and wires and a gas treatment. Three or four days later the car will not crank The fuel pump is coming on! The car is getting fire and getting gas to the engine. Got it towed to the dealership Friday picked up the car on Monday with the dealership telling me is the battery which ended up costing me $255.00 which included $118.00 labor fee to install the battery!! Now it is Wednesday night and Im stranded again the car will not crank. I tried using my other key and resetting the security system still not cranking! My car only has 65,000 miles on it. Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue?

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    I am in a bind. I have a 2002 Audi A4 Q 1.8T. I drove it the other day then parked it for about an hour. When i went to go to the store, the car would not start. It would not crank or nothing. I thought the battery was dead so I tried jumping the car. All lights are on the dash, headlights come on. Strange! So the next morning i go in the car and turn the key and the damn thing starts. Well i drive it around all day doing my errands, hoping it was just something that fixed itself. Until i got to chase bank. It would not start again.. You turn the key and nothing. All lights come on but the car will not crank. So i called the tow truck. Some hours later the tow truck driver comes and asks for the keys and the damn car starts again.

    OK, i would attempt to start up the car but it will not turnover until press the accelerator. So you’re saying the car will not crank until you step on the gas?