how hard is it to change the head gasket on a 4.3 v6 chevy s10?

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Changing the head gasket on a 1984 Supra

Replacing a head gasket is never an easy task. Nevertheless, it is certainly a job within the grasp of a shade tree mechanic, potentially saving the thousands of dollars in labor required to change a head gasket at a professional shop. Head gasket damage or failure can be diagnosed by the appearance of oil under the car and on the engine block where the cylinder head meets the engine block.

My question is, does it look like Subaru has changed the headgaskets in the Forester as well? Or is it just in the Outbacks? And have they been changed in every level of these models or just a few. I realize you might not know the answer to that, but if it looks like they’ve only changed them in the Outbacks, I might consider that car instead of the Forester.

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norm Comments: 1996 328is changing head gasket and using a new head do I still need flywheel lock and cam positioning lock?
September 2, 2013
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes. You will still have to properly time the engine. If not, valve damage can occur. - Nick at Pelican Parts  

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In spite of that, many customers who eventually came to Heal-A-Seal andwho were talked-in by their mechanics into Head Gasket replacement comewith a realization that what was 'good for their mechanic was not sogood for their Engine'!... And, unfortunately, their 'Replacement ofHead Gaskets gamble' was to no avail... R

**Update 5-23-2010: In case you were wondering if this same repair is possible for other Subarus, I changed the head gaskets on a 1999 Outback wagon with the engine in the vehicle. I bought the car with the heads off and everything disassembled; the owner said his mechanic quit halfway thru the work due to losing his building lease. I put it back together and noticed that the mechanic had removed the intake manifold mount bolts and then left it sitting on top of the engine for ease of re-installation. Saves some time in the reassembly phase.