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check charging system I had these symbols: ABS ..

3 weeks ago she called and said the Check charging system error was displayed and the red battery light was on. I had her pull over and check voltage. It was 11.9v I told her to turn everything off including the front headlights that normally come on when it is started.

My check charging system is on, I've went to auto zone had them check i was told the battery was at 84%, and my alternator was great. About two months ago the alternator was replaced. Also when I press on the breaks the interior lights go dim, along with my rear view camera works when it wants. Would you please point me the direction of the problem. Also the vehicle turn off on me as i was parking the vehicle. Which last week we changed #1,4,5 coral plugs. Was not advise to change the spark plugs which will be done today. please help. thank you

Check Charging System Light - Alternator/Battery ..


Jul 23, 2010, 9:23 PM

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Check Charging System Light On Sign In

On a 2006 Ford Taurus 3.0 L engine, the 'Check Charging System' Light came on on the dashboard. At the time it was at night so the headlights were on as well as the A/C, radio, etc.

I tested the voltage on the battery with the vehicle off and got 12.79 volts, then I started it up and got 12.5 volts. With the headlights on the reading was around 12.45 volts. At no time during the testing did the dashboard light come on, it only comes on occasionally while driving and stays on for around 15-20 seconds or so. It seems as if the light is more likely to come on with the A/C running that without it.

The battery was replaced probably around 8 months ago, and the wire running off the alternator looks in tact completely and is tightened down all the way. There's also another wiring harness going to the alternator which i think controls the voltage regulator and it's also on all the way. I was thinking it could be a bad alternator, what do you guys think?

Also how difficult is it to replace on this vehicle, it looks pretty straightforward but looks can be decieving sometimes!



2015 Honda Fit "Check Charge System" Message: 1 Complaints

This morning as I was going to work, the car displayed a "check charging system". My drive belt is in tact and i have NO loss of power steering, reading through reading through the manual it states that the problem is the sensor on the battery.. Its still under warranty so I plan on bringing it to Honda tomorrow, but want to know your opinion.

Driving the car and after a few minutes, the "check charging system" message was displayed and the battery light came on. It had been sitting for a few months so I decided to add water to the battery cells. I overfilled, but drained to a correct level. Had Autozone check it and they said it 's not the battery, it's the alternator. So I picked up a salvaged alternator, had it tested (it passed) and installled the alternator. Still getting the same $#@!! "check charging system" message!