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Upgrading the historic Chevrolet Equinox? There's nothing like getting its parts preserved or at least replaced with exact replacements. The vehicle has so much history in it, so many firsts in the Chevrolet Equinox parts it was equipped with. Made for the worst-case scenarios on the road, these parts are just what make the entire vehicle and its envious performance on- and off-roads.

Talk about firsts and Chevy has a list to claim. Among this is the Equinox, the manufacturer's first entry for the crossover SUV class. It debuted in sleek exterior appearance, backed with an efficient powertrain and reliable Chevrolet Equinox parts. The model lasted for two generations and the first difference to spot in its Chevrolet Equinox parts is the logo bar that once runs in full length. Inside, they have more Chevrolet Equinox parts similarities: the four-door body style, the Front engine, front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive layout, and the GM Theta platform platform.