Double Adjustable Coil Over Shocks

Monroe 58594 MONROE LOAD ADJUST Shock Absorber


• (2) 2.5" Remote Reservoir Coilover Shocks with Coils

Maybe you are looking for coil over shocks for sale? There are many places you can begin. You can head to an aftermarket place and purchase coil over shocks there. Or you could begin looking online to browse on several products and filter over numerous online sellers that will ship the product to your home. Regardless of what your specific needs are you should be able to find a sale to suit your preferences. Beyond the usual places to look for coil over shocks for sale, you could find off road warehouses that specialize in this type of product. Do not limit yourself to just the traditional market choices, as these shock absorbing equipments are used in many different types of . Thus, if you need those specialized coil over shocks for your street rod you might be better served going to an aftermarket store that specializes in those types of shock. Or if you need one for an off road vehicle, then a store that specializes in those might be the best starting point. As you can see coil over shocks can vary depending on the type of vehicle and function it will be used for.

You can also get coil over shocks for street rods. They provide a better handling and ride of your vehicle. You can get a coil over shock specifically made for the weight, suspension design and jounce/rebound performance requirements. There are many companies that provide for this auto aftermarket sector. And each has their own special brand, they all have the basics. Some specialize in custom street rods, others in race cars.

191009 ICON Coilover Shock Wraps

  • 191009 - ICON Shock Wraps Neoprene Coil Over Shock Protection Covers (large)


  • 2015-UP Ford F150 4WD Coilover Shock Kit


  • 2015+ Ford F150 4wd Front Remote Reservoir Coil Over Shock Kit w/ CDCV


  • 198000 - 2 Pin Spanner Wrench - ALL ICON Coilover Shocks


  • 15-Up Ford F150 V.S. 2.5 Series PBR Rear Shocks w/CDCV (0-2" Lift)


  • 2015 F150 V.S. 2.5 Series PBR Rear Shocks (0-1" Lift)


F-O-A 2.5 Coil Over Shock – 8 Inch Travel

So what are coil over shocks? Well these actually refer to shock absorbers that have a coil spring that surrounds it. This equipment is used in many of our vehicles today. Most notably you can get coil over shocks for trucks. The shock absorber and the spring are manufactured together and placed on a vehicle that is in need of a replacement. The benefit of this type of shock is that it allows for greater customization of your ride. You can raise the strut or get more or less stiffness so that your vehicle rides the way you want. The coil over shock should not be confused with struts or independently mounted shocks absorbers.

Coil over shocks are basic components in the McPherson strut suspension system. What makes this system special is that it employs an anti-rollbar technology. There are of course other companies that make this product. And each has its pros and cons depending on your needs. These systems have become very popular in the auto aftermarket. Many car enthusiasts seek to modify their cars in their spare time for various reasons. Adding them to your car will let you raise it up a little to give you a better ride. Or maybe you have some off road vehicles and just want to have more control over how the vehicle handles on the trails? and coil over shocks will help with this customization and give you what you are looking for.