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Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover for Mercedes-Benz R Class (Noah Fabric, Gray)


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The Covercraft Noah Car Cover is the ideal all-season car cover. The Noah is custom-cut to fit your vehicle and is equipped with grommetes for a tie-down cable or antenna.

Just put a new finish on that restored Mustang? My guess is you want to keep its shine for years to come. Well, worry no more! The Covercraft NOAH car cover was designed to protect your vehicle's paint finish from dirt, mud, salty environments, moisture and much more.

Covercraft is introducing the NOAH car cover to protect your car, truck, or SUV in the harshest weather conditions. The outer layer of the NOAH is consisting of a spun bond bi-component. This material has a silver color which is designed to block heat and sun rays from penetrating the surface.

The middle layer is breathable and highly porous. It is stretched and ran through a special process creating holes that are smaller than a drop of water. This amazing process sheds water and allows air to flow, letting hot air, and moisture escape.

Gentle is the word when describing the NOAH car, truck, and SUV covers bottom layer. The ingeniously designed nylon and polyethylene material cradles your vehicle, keeping the paint finish free from scrapes and scratches.

If its protection you seek, these amazing vehicle covers are for you. They not only stop harmful UV rays, dirt and other debris from damaging your ride, but they also keep prying eyes from seeing your expensive merchandise. Give your car, truck, and SUV the protection they deserve with one of Covercraft's NOAH car covers.

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    Covercraft NOAH custom car covers provide year-round indoor/outdoor protection for your vehicle. NOAH is a multi-layered, non-woven high performance fabric that is highly water and dust resistant, and it will also keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    Covercraft Noah Car Covers utilize one of Kimberly Clark’s most water resistant fabrics, protecting your vehicle from environmental hazards like acid rain. While you don’t hear nearly as much in the media about acid rain as you did back in the 1980s, the problem still exists. Over the long-term, it can cause irreversible damage to your car’s finish.