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Crane Cams 130032 260 H10 Camshaft and Lifter Kit for Ford V8 Engine


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Crane is considered to be a forerunner in the use of computers in designing camshaft lobes. This very method is much more accurate and less time-consuming than manual methods. Crane Cams is known to have the industry's largest camshaft database, in excess of 80,000 profiles. So if there’s anything that you might need when it comes to Crane engine parts, from Crane to Crane Cams , go ahead and browse through an extensive variety offered in the company’s Crane camshaft catalog! The brand is also an integral part of many drag racing performance landmarks.

With the engine reassembled with the new Crane camshaft and valvetrain, we were excited to see what our new cam would be worth. Our initial goal for the naturally aspirated test was anything above 530 hp. So after fully warming the engine and resetting the timing to 36 degrees total, we were ready for the first pull. The 502 immediately responded to the cam change by pushing the torque up everywhere and elevating the peak horsepower on the very first run to 557 hp – adding a solid 57 hp. The peak horsepower point was still low, at only 5,600 rpm, but we had obviously improved the power and also had dramatically pumped up the torque. Looking at the previous peak torque number of 539 at 3,700 rpm, the cam swap gained 36 lb-ft at that same rpm, but the whole curve improved dramatically. Usually when we add a longer duration cam, torque below the peak usually falls off, but in this case, we gained everywhere.

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    We dont have stock cam specs. We can tell you however, that a stock camshaft is about 20-30% more milder than a #10 grind camshaft.

    Yes, you can use the stock cam gear with the Crane camshaft.
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    Examine both ends of the camshaft. The end of the camshaft will be embossed with a two-digit engine prefix code, a grind number, and the series name of the camshaft. These three pieces of information will allow a consumer to identify the specifics of a given camshaft. Some Crane camshafts may have information on both ends of the camshaft.