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CRANBURY, N.J. — CRP Automotive now offers a special series of AJUSA gaskets for applications on a wide range of BMW 6-Cylinder engines (’95 to present). These gaskets have been specifically designed to solve persistent oil leaks from the oil filter and oil cooler housings, the company says. These leaks usually show up in the front area of the motor and are typically misdiagnosed as leaking head or valve cover gaskets.

At CRP Automotive, we take great pride in our history of offering superior quality replacement parts and fluids through OEM and OES, as well as Warehouse Distributors in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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CRP Automotive offers a wide range of direct-fit, OE-quality AJUSA gaskets for popular imports. The AJUSA Gasket line is designed to deliver OE-quality in fit, form, and even the type of material used. Every gasket is built to meet or exceed OEM specifications and deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

The AJUSA Gasket Program features an easy lookup on CRP’s online application catalog, which can be accessed through the CRP Automotive AJUSA brand website,, or ShowMeTheParts at.