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2011 Dodge Charger Alternator Failure: 40 Complaints

The alternator plays a tremendous role in the smooth running of your Dodge truck or car. Your battery won’t get enough power to start the engine if it does not have the right amount of current. The responsibility of keeping the battery charged falls on the alternator. If the Dodge Alternator fails, the battery will not be charged, and you will rely on the battery only. In the end, the battery will discharge when you use accessories such as lights, air conditioning, or the radio. Therefore, if your alternator fails, you should seek to replace it with a genuine and quality Dodge Alternator.

You may know that your Dodge Alternator is failing or wearing out if the battery warning illuminates, headlights or the dashboard dim, you have a problem starting the engine, or the engine loses electric power and fails. A failure in the alternator is primarily due to one or more of the wire coils not working. You may also need to diagnose the rest of the system to discover if there are more broken components. For example, you may need to replace the alternator belt, battery cables or the battery itself.

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    w/ 3.3L V6 Engine; 6S. High Quality TYC Brand.
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    For the power resource of the Dodge, it has got three important contributing components. The battery, starter motor and the alternator. In simple terms, the main function of the Dodge alternator is to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The power supply to charge the battery and to the electrical systems in your Dodge when the engine is running is made possible with the help of alternator. The Dodge alternator has replaced the DC generators. The Dodge alternator is driven by a belt driven at a speed of 2 to 3 times the crankshaft of the engine. The modern days Dodge alternator comes with voltage regulator. The performance of your Dodge alternator is affected due to voltage drop in the diodes, bearing loss and fan cooling loss. Depending the electrical usage in your Dodge, the recent alternators can give 50-70 amperes or even higher.

    We make direct fitting alternators for both Dodge cars and Dodge trucks. Our alternators are well lubricated with high-quality components for excellent functioning. Our Dodge Alternators are engineered using the best materials in the market to deliver maximum dependability and durability withstanding any stress on the road. You sure don’t want to get stuck on a chilly road at midnight after a long day at the office with no lights, no heater and no power to charge your phone. If you go for drag races with your Dodge Charger, you need a high-stress alternator to keep things under control in the power department.