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“Oncore Designs is pleased to present our installation tutorial of the Eclipse Lens Hood for the Hero 3+ Housing. In this video, you will see a first hand view of Eclipse Lens Hood ELH3+H being installed onto a GoPro in a few easy steps.”

Oncore Designs has created the Eclipse Lens Hood to allow users to capture footage while facing a light source as well as preventing light from hitting the lens at extreme angles.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Steel Hoods at Andy's Auto Sport

Santa Ana, California – The days of creating DIY lens hoods for GoPro cameras are over thanks to Oncore Designs’ ECLIPSE LENS HOOD: the first of its kind lens hood designed to reduce lens flare and light glare for select GoPro cameras. By merging a creative idea with a common lens setback, the Eclipse Lens Hood brings an enhanced quality and professional feel to GoPro cameras.

The Eclipse Lens Hood was created in Q2 of 2014. The idea sparked when Oncore Designs was developing a way to reduce lens flare while experimenting with a DJI Phantom aerial copter. Oncore Designs founder Travis Ishida explained, “We researched every DIY method and tried everything to reduce lens flare. After trying most of these home methods, we decided to manufacture our own lens hood with our specific design—something we can count on to work every time. Thus, the Eclipse Lens Hood was born.”