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ECU CHIPS Diesel Tuning injectors

Performance chip tuning racing ecu car chips power super, Buy online performance chip for your car such as ecu chips, power & flash programmers & custom horsepower tuning.. Hot chips - engine power chip swap?, Hot chips - too good to be true? first published 1998. last modified 24-dec-2012. the car companies are ripping you off. with the simple little chip.

Performance chips - huge selection & free shipping!, Power programmers and performance chips are designed to allow your factory-installed ecu to unlock your engine's full potential. plugging into performance chips. Ecu chip tune - how to increase horsepower, How chip tuning works (engine re-flash). what is an ecu chip tune? what is an engine reflash? how much horsepower will a chip tune provide for a car? what. Engineperformancechip: buy performance chips for cars, Engine performance chip provides performance chips and performance parts for cars, suvs, and trucks. we also offer ecu chips, supercharger, power chip and flash.

ECU Chips for Pre common rail Engines

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Many ECU chip dealers- usually state that your vehicle can seen increases in performance from 1% to about 10%. This is pretty good for chips that can cost less than $100. It should also be noted that there are pretty much ECU chips for all major vehicles sold today.

Do ECU Chips Work?
Yes, they absolutely work, however, it should be noted that you shouldn’t expect the maximum results from your chip. ECU chips generally target areas of your engine- ignition timing and fuel delivery. While it can definitely make changes to the air and fuel ratio that can increase horsepower, it can also make your vehicle run less efficient, less clean and in some cases increase the risk of damaging your engine over the long term.