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AP Exhaust 602205 Catalytic Converter


A MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter can improve performance.

Pypes Performance Exhaust catalytic converters carry a 3 year/50,000 mile limited warranty. This specific warranty covers applications which are in good working/running order. The warranty does not cover converter failure due to poor running/performing engine, excessive fuel, nitrous oxide, superchargers, oil, antifreeze, improper O2 sensor function, road damage or hanger breakage.

Noxious emissions and poisonous pollutants are an unfortunate outcome of driving your vehicle. However, the amount of environmental damage from a single car was significantly greater prior to 1975. It was this year that the catalytic exhaust converter became a widely accepted component on new vehicle models. This innovative device significantly reduces the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. This is largely done through the process of oxidation, which breaks down these hazardous composites into harmless elements such as water and carbon dioxide. The conversion takes place just before the exhaust is expelled through the rear exhaust valve. While the device is not necessary for a car to run smoothly, city, state and federal laws have now passed emissions laws that require their use. As such, a faulty catalytic converter will result in a failed vehicle inspection and should be fixed as soon as possible. The component is placed somewhere along the exhaust system, typically below the cabin of the vehicle. The most common damage to the part is a crack from hitting road debris. When converters go bad they usuall smell like rotten eggs. They get clogged up with burnt carbon, the blockage will cause your vehicle to run really rough and sometimes stall out and not want to stay running.

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