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What is the difference between the fender and the bumper

Fenders are panels on a car that are located on the sides of the car in front of the doors. They serve a number of functions, not least of which is aesthetic. Drivers may be most familiar with the fender in the context of a “fender-bender,” a minor accident in which the fenders of a car are dented or damaged as a result of a collision. Many cars have been designed with easily replaced fenders because such collisions are quite common.

A firefighter wearing gloves is seen in the video pulling the cat free from beneath the front fender of the car. The cat then loudly meows and tries to dart away.

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  • Motorcycles have fenders to keep dirt out of its wheels.
  • Fenders can add style and function to bicycles.
  • A fender-bender is a minor collision in which the fender of the car is damaged.
  • Sports cars usually have very sleek fenders.

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