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Lastly, the receiver drier is a Ford AC component that will make sure your Ford A/C compressor does not catch any liquid that could damage it. This is because your Ford A/C compressor is supposed to compress the gas form of your refrigerant so if any liquid gets into it it can damage your Ford AC compressor, which could then lead to damage to the rest of your Ford .

Since your Ford AC compressor is such an important part of your Ford AC system it is important to replace it when it is damaged so that you can avoid damage to the rest of your Ford AC components. While the Ford AC compressor is the most costly part of your Ford AC system, its importance is vital to the function of your Ford AC system. Contact us today for the best Ford replacement AC compressor deals!

Ford Focus AC Compressor 2.0L SOHC

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    The Ford Motorhome AC Compressor, located in the engine's front, is an important component of your vehicle's air conditioning system. Its main function is to compress the refrigerant and deliver it to the AC condenser. The compressor has a pulley that is driven by the engine's crankshaft. The pulley is connected to an electromagnetic clutch, which is attached to the compressor's input shaft. When the AC is switched on, the clutch engages with the pulley, thereby turning the input shaft. Both refrigerant and lubricating oil levels are important for the proper functioning of the compressor. Other important components of the AC mechanism include the dryer and evaporator. One of the common problems with the compressor is a refrigerant leak which is caused due to worn out seals and hoses. Other problems include clutch failure and improper lubrication. A bad compressor will make a squealing or loud knocking noise.

    Air conditioning compress in Ford car includes three important components such as condenser, compressor and evaporator. Ford AC compressor does the job of compressing the cool low pressure gas into hot high pressure gas. At this process cooling effect is initiated and if this fail to happen, there will be a block in the generating cooling air that is required for the air conditioning system. So Ford AC compressor plays a very unique role in the working of air conditioning unit.