TYC 2296 Ford Focus 1-Row Plastic Aluminum Replacement Radiator


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The working condition of the radiator needs to be checked at regular intervals. If the Ford Focus radiator malfunctions, you need to replace it as early as possible to protect the engine system. At Car Parts Warehouse you can find the best quality car parts at wholesale prices. We provide you with the OEM replacement and aftermarket parts at affordable prices. No poor quality parts can be found here. Our car parts undergo strict quality control process to meet the industry and hence you can be assured of the quality radiator for your Ford Focus.

The Ford Focus radiator helps to protect the internal combustion engine from getting seized. There are many components involved in the engine system and hence friction occurs. Due to the friction, the temperature of an engine goes high. The liquid coolant is passed through the exposed pipe of the radiator in order to cool the engine parts. The liquid which is passed into the Ford Focus radiator releases engine's heat outside.

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