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It has the "famous" Lucas Girling park brake system and I now it's a pain to work on. It looks like the back plate's with cylinders and brake shoes on the rear axle are replaced a little while ago. The front brakes are disc brakes.

One of the hoses/lines from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic manifold from the Lucas Girling park brake system runs hot when you drive the bus. And I mean really hot, it looks like the oil start boiling in the line. You can not tough the line or you burn your fingers. The park brake System works fine and also the hydraulic brakes, the electrical motor kicks in after the engine would stall works fine to. Somebody any idea what wrong?

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  • F700 Lucas Girling system brakes - Yesterday's Tractors

    Crosthwaite and Gardiner also manufacture a range of Girling Brake calipers used on many race cars through the 60’s and 70’s. The lightweight Girling AR, CR, ORA and NR brake caliper body arrive as a raw alloy casting and then machined to exact specification.

    We offer rebuild kits and parts for the Girling 14LF caliper and the smaller 12SP caliper. These are the two most popular Girling brake calipers used on small formula cars and sports racers.

    The larger Girling 14LF caliper is identified by 4 bolts holding the two caliper halves together. The smaller 12SP has only 2 bolts holding the halves together. The 14LF pistons measure 1 7/8" diameter. 12SP pistons measure 1 11/16" diameter.