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The Hummer H2 arrived on the scene in 2003 as a descendent of the monstrous Hummer H1, a rogue military all-purpose vehicle redesigned for the civilian roads. Lots of Hummer H2 parts and characteristics are shared with the H1, including the overall exterior shape, trim, and interior layout. In size, the H2 is not much smaller than the original Hummer. The H2 boasts less curb weight but is longer and taller. The model can also fit six people comfortably. AM General assembled the H2 out of Mishawaka, Indiana, but GM owned the Hummer brand. The H2 shares the same GMT820 platform as the Tahoe and the Yukon, which is for full-size trucks. While the H2, Tahoe, and Yukon share a lot of the same components, it is the H2 that is assembled in a different manner than the rest. The frame of the H2 is comprised of three sections, with the front being shared from a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame. The middle is boxed while the rear employs a GM 1500-Series frame, which is reinforced to handle the vehicle’s size and weight.

While the H2 had many pleasing qualities and getting H2 Truck Parts is relatively easy, the Hummer brand still had to shut down because of poor sales. There are many reasons for the dwindling marketability of Hummers in the years leading up to the dismantling of the brand but in terms of the H2, the reasons had a lot to do with the vehicle's overall impracticality. In the end, the H2 was just too big, too cramped inside and consumed too much fuel.

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The first series of the H2 included a 6.0L V8 capable of over 300 horsepower and approximately 315 pounds per foot of torque. As a full-size SUV, the H2 is offered as a four-door crew cab truck and a four-door SUV. The truck version is referred to as the H2 SUT, or Sports Utility Truck. Along with the 6.0L V8 for the first generation, the model was also offered with an automatic four-speed transmission and four-wheel drive. Pretty quickly, the H2 made an impression on the American car buying public, especially for those who were skeptical because of the size of the original H1. Through marketing, the H2 was depicted as a more economical and family-friendly SUV than the H1. In its debut year, the H2 was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award, which assisted the model in gaining more mainstream acceptance as the successor to the Hummer name. Throughout its first couple of years on the road, the Hummer H2 parts and accessories received only minor changes, such as in 2005 when a DVD navigation system became optional.