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I am trying 5to change the headlight in an 04 chevy mailibu classic but i am having trouble doing so.....I cant seem to get enough space to get the new bulb in the headlight assembly anyone got some advice?

Came off the highway and took out the front right headlight assembly. Repair shops and online retailers want $250-$400 for the assembly for just one side. Wanted to know if anyone knows of an alternative assembly that could be used in its place. (Don't care about cosmetics, just that it would fit in its place with minor alteration).

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The headlight switch assembly is attached by a 8-pin connector and is held in place by a plastic tab. To remove the connector, press down on the tab and then pull gently on the connector until it slides off.

Can anybody suggest a good auto parts supply from Canada for my CLK430? I need something with good service and low prices. Really urgent.I need a new headlight assembly. Thanks!