vacuum formed skull headlight covers.

VViViD Black Perforated Headlight Wrap Self-Adhesive Cover 12" x 48" Roll DIY

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Just as bad, and far more common, are headlight covers that are scuffed from years of debris getting kicked up along the road. Every one of those scuffs causes light to scatter, so rather than seeing further down the road with your new, brighter headlights, you're increasing the glare that creeps into the oncoming traffic's line of sight.

4. If the headlight covers aren't lined up the way you want them to be, quickly remove them because the double sided tape will quickly bond after a few seconds. You can then try again to match it up correctly.

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These covers have a "carbon print pattern" over clear acrylic for a unique look. The print pattern is similar to a carbon fiber weave, but instead of black and silver, these alternate black and "clear" to allow light to pass through. The kit includes a "snap-in" headlight cover for both sides. A single velcro/tape attachment is pre-installed near the top of the cover for added control if the vehicle will be driven at speed. For exhibitions & shows, the velcro/tape is not necessary, as the cover will snap into place properly without it. These Headlight Covers were not designed or intended for street use, please check your local laws.

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Nissan 370Z

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Nissan Z34

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2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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3. Remove the tabs from the double sided tape and slide the bottom part of the headlight cover between the headlight and front bumper. Come at the headlight straight on with the headlight cover and press it firmly against the headlight. It will be very hard to misplace the cover and should fit exactly the way it's supposed to the first time.

2. Once both the headlights and headlight covers are visibly clean, use the alcohol wipes provided to further clean the headlights. You are given two so use one for each headlight. If you don't clean off even the smallest amounts of dust, you risk the double sided tape not sticking properly.