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Honda Accord 4Cyl 4.5" Muffler Tip Catback+Header+High Flow Cat Exhaust System - 5th Gen 2.2L F22 H22 CD5-CD8

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Honda Accord Exhaust System at Tuners Depot

The Accord is one of the most reliable models from Honda. Keep the performance of your Honda Accord optimal with a brand new custom exhaust system from CARiD. All our Honda Accord exhaust systems meet stringent quality standards and made for long service. Custom exhaust systems are more effective in boosting performance than stock exhaust systems because that’s what they are built to do. This is unlike the stock exhaust, which is built with the sole intention of minimizing engine sound. Lighter in weight and wider in pipe diameter than the stock exhaust system, custom exhaust systems increase exhaust flow to the maximum level possible, leaving the engine free to breathe and intake more fresh air and fuel for power generation. We have a range of complete Honda Accord for you to choose from, all from reputable brands such as Borla, Flowmaster and MagnaFlow. Any of these exhaust systems will boost horsepower by as much as 10% and add a near-similar amount of torque.

Honda Accord custom exhaust systems bring a whole wealth of goodness apart from the increase in power. Throttle response is improved, for instance, meaning more power will be released as soon as you hit the gas pedal. Towing power is increased to a much higher maximum, and your Accord will make light work of tackling hilly road stretches and corners. Your gas mileage will go up by an average 1-2mpg, giving you more miles for every gallon of gas. In order to enjoy the best of these benefits, choose the exhaust system built for your car model – year, trim and engine size. Amazing sound is the bonus you get when you fit a custom exhaust system for the Honda Accord. Throaty and unrestrained, the deep exhaust note can be further personalized to your preferred sound level.

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